Yacht Delivery

We understand that your Yacht is not only an investment that lasts a lifetime but also home away from home, and an object to be treated with care and dedication

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Capt. Michael Gauci is dedicated to providing high quality deliveries around the world, balancing the best prices with the best possible skippering service and care to your vessel.

Any yacht, Anywhere.

Malta Yacht Charters hand picks its skippers to ensure a high standard of qualifications (and experience!) fitting to your vessel. We also provide experienced crew members to provide the best all round coverage

Yacht delivery process

When you first contact MYC, we will ask you for the most important details including type of vessel, basic specs and approximate delivery period. Once this is done, we will be able to provide an estimate of the days it will take us to get your boat to its destination, followed by a quote.
If you live locally, we will want to meet for a chat, to get aquainted and to discuss the details of the transfer.
Our aim is to deliver your vessel to you in the best time however to make the yacht delivery as safe as possible, we try to work only during daylight hours in the best sailing conditions. For such deliveries a captain and at least one crew member are required. For longer distances where we are required to travel by night, several crew members will be required.

On average a sailing yacht can cover around 100-200 miles per day, but this will vary depending on the yacht and weather conditions at the time. Every situation is a little different, therefore we always approve every detail with the Client. If phone communication is available, we inform the Client about the process of delivery and agree on further actions.Yacht delivery costsIt is company policy to have at least two staff members on board the yacht at all times. This is usually skipper and one crew member.Skipper allowance: €220/dayCrew allowance: €220/dayVictualling allowance: €30/dayAdditional delivery costsSkipper and crew travel costs to and from the vesselSkipper and crew flightsTowing services, if required.Port related expenses.
Repair expenses, if required.
InsuranceWe will always look out for the client’s best interest by sourcing the best priced options available while catering for the vessel’s interest by not compromising cost for quality.Preparatory worksPrior to the delivery, we will need as many technical details and specifications of the yacht as possible. We will provide the preferred delivery route and alternatives Before delivery we have to receive technical information about the yacht and develop the preferred delivery plan which will clearly show the delivery route with alternatives. According to this plan we can forecast the approximate delivery duration and costs. We will also clarify things related to customs, visas, fuel filling, as well as other issues and formalities related to the route. We will provide the required maps, almanacs and other publications necessary for the delivery. During the delivery we will carefully follow the weather forecasts and updates related to the sailing area.It is important that your yacht has valid registration documents and the VAT status would be applicable to the countries within which sailing is planned. The yacht will also require appropriate insurance which would cover the liability for boat accidents and our liability as a captain within the route-related territories. The owner of the yacht is always welcome to participate in the delivery process, but if he does not wish so, we will need an insurance surety deposit and financial means for covering of expenses.Before the delivery we will need to inspect your yacht and get acquainted with its settings and technical condition. It is important for us to be thoroughly familiarised with your yacht. During the trip we will treat the yacht equipment with due care and keep the yacht clean and in order including placing dust covers over fillings and soft furnishings if so requested. We will follow all conditions that concern berths, food preparation, lavatories.On the wayEach route is unique because there are different yachts, number of crew members, duration of the route, weather conditions and many other factors. In all cases we have an individual shift schedule; we keep an eye on the yacht’s systems and equipment. We always try to save fuel and keep constant order on the yacht. We always follow all sailing regulations, as well as choose the safest way for transporting. During bad weather conditions we sometimes alter the route or seek shelter. Our highest priority is to make a safe and careful delivery.ArrivalWhenever possible we will timely inform of the arrival date. Before handing over we will carefully clean, wash and put the yacht in order. We will also fill the tanks and charge the batteries. We will also arrange for our own tickets back home. Our priority is the delivery of the yacht to the right place at the right time!

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