Mile Building

We offer a range of tidal and non-tidal, mile building sailing programmes. Whether you wish to gain more experience or achieve the required qualifying miles for the more advanced certificates, these programmes are not only fun, but also incredibly rewarding.

Under the watchful eye of our experienced skippers, many of whom are RYA instructors, prepare to get to grips with general boat handling, navigation and passage planning and daily life on board.

There’s always something to be seen to on board, so in true live-aboard spirit, you will be expected to do everything from hoisting and setting the sails, victualling and maintaining general order above and below deck.



7 Days. The scheduled number of miles should be covered with time to spare however 


Malta – Lipari – Malta  9 -16 April 2016

Malta ? 2 – 9 July 2016


€450 excluding contributions for utilities, food, fuel etc…

Sleeping arrangements

Shared cabins. You may chose to pay a retention fee to secure the second place in the cabin.

Miscellaneous info

1 set linen per trip +1 blanket &1 pillow per person included.


Smoking on deck is permitted as long as you are downwind of other guests.

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