We get loads of questions regarding all aspects of chartering. The following are the most commonly asked questions however if your question isn’t answered here or you have a very particular question, please do not heistate to contact us on info@maltayachtcharters.com.

Q. Can I charter year-round?

A. Yes! Malta is lucky enough to have great weather all year round making for relaxing swimming holidays throughout the summer months and fantastic sailing holidays during the winter.

Q. Can I Afford a sailing holiday in Malta?

A. Yes, you can. With Malta Yacht Charters the “per person” cost of a sailing holiday is usually at or below the cost of a resort vacation or ocean cruise…without the crowds! For an estimate of your vacation, contact us on info@maltayachtcharters.com – we will be able to provide a breakdown of costs and recomend something to suit your budget.

Q. What kind of a boat should I charter?

That all depends on you. Your sailing boat vacation can be tailored to fit your party and your preferences. How many people are you sailing with? Are they couples traveling together or do you need single cabins for some guests? How much space and comfort would you like? Whatever your needs, we strive to provide the best options for you.

Q. Will I need a Skipper?

A. It depends what you’re looking for. We provide bareboat charters (or four days or longer) for those who are looking for experienced sailors looking for some independent exploring as well as skippered charters for those who may not have much sailing experience or simply want to kick back and relax.

Q. Can I charter bareboat?

A. Yes, we provide a bareboat option to sailors holding and RYA Coastal Skipper Practical qualification (or equivalent). We offer bareboat charters on trips of four days or longer. Until the afternoon of Day 1, you will be accompanied by and experienced skipper who will familiarise you with the vessel and make sure you are totally comfortable with the way things work on board.
If the company deems it necessary, you may be required to take a skipper with you.

Q.Do you provide boat and chart briefings?

A. Yes, It is standard procedure for Malta Yacht Charters to provide vessel and charter briefing on bareboat charters. Prior to your departure, you will be given a complete chart briefing covering the local cruising grounds, and answering any questions you may have about navigation, anchorages, prevailing conditions, clearing customs in Sicily or any part of your desired itinerary. We will then give you a complete briefing aboard the yacht you will be sailing, covering all the operating systems and safety features.

Q. What type of equipment will I find on board?

A. Malta Yacht Charters’ charter vessels carry up-to-date equipment and all the safety features a sailor could ask for, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the local safety requirements. Our vessels are also equipped with GPS satellite navigation systems, autopilots, also including CD players with MP3 and cockpit speakers.

Q. Should I have a travel Insurance?

A. Yes It is recommended that you take a personal travel insurance because your cover starts from the time you step on board.

Q.What documents must I carry to meet entry requirements?

A. While some island nations do not require a passport, you’re always advised to carry one when traveling from country to country. For detailed entry requirements, please check with the consulate or embassy of the nation you wish to visit.

Q. Can we bring hard suit cases?

A. No, please don’t bring these aboard. Apart from being very difficult to stow in confined spaces, hard suitcases are also more likely to scuff or damage the interior of the boat and we like our boats to look their best! Since the interior may be damaged by hard cases, metal belt buckles, studs, spikes and high heels, we ask you not to bring any of these aboard…and if those heels are too fantastic to leave at home, please wait until you’re on the pontoon to put them on! Joking aside, please only bring soft foldable bags on your charter trip.


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