Crystal Lagoon – Comino

1st June 2016

The Crystal Lagoon’s engulfing rock faces and sparkling waters make it almost more spectacular than the famous Blue Lagoon.

When should you visit?

The Crystal Lagoon is accessible all year round, and since it is literally round the corner from the Blue Lagoon, most people will opt to stop there, making the Crystal Lagoon the quieter of the two favourites.

How to get there with Malta Yacht Charters

RIB Charter – Our 8.5m Rib is a great way to visit the Crystal Lagoon’s clear waters and rock formations.

Yacht Charter – Either of our yachts are a great way to get to the location, and it is possible to anchor and swim within the lagoon.


St Mary’s Tower, visible on the rock face just above the Crystal Lagoon, was used to portray the prison fortress of Chateau D’If  in The Count of Monte Cristo

Diving enthusiasts take note – Wreck P31 is located here.

Yet another misnomer – this location isn’t a lagoon at all. It’s a bay!

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