Blue Lagoon – Comino

29th May 2016

Undoubtedly the most famous charter sestinations in the Maltese Islands can be found in Comino (Kemmuna), the smallest island of the Maltese Arcipelago. The lagoon’s clear blue water and white sand bottom make this location look something straight out of the Carribean.

When should you visit?

The Blue lagoon is accessible all year round, either via one of our charter vessels or by ferry although it is best enjoyed in the early in the morning, at sunset or during off-peak season because of the large number of people visiting in summer.

How to get there with Malta Yacht Charters

RIB Charter – we can get you to the Blue Lagoon and surrounding bays and caves by RIB. Our 8.5m rib is large enough to accommodate up to 6 people, a skipper and sunbathing room, while still allowing you to get to those hard to visit places.

Yacht Charter – whether it’s our Bavaria 36 or Beneteau Cyclades 50.5, getting to the Lagoon by sail is a blissfully relaxing experience. It means you can also chose an overnight stay in one of the bays or in the Blue Lagoon itself.


The Blue Lagoon is not actually a lagoon at all – it’s a channel!

Keelboats should be careful as the depth mid-channel is generally not deep enough to allow crossing from one side to the other. You can still anchor at the mouth of the channel.

The Maltese name for the Blue Lagoon is Bejn il-Kmiemen or ‘Between the Cominos’ as it lies between Kemmuna (Comino) and Kemmunett (Cominotto)

Comino has been featured in many films, adverts and music videos over the years including Swept Away and Helen of Troy.


Take a look at our Instragram photos of the Blue Lagoon here!

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