We’re live!

24th February 2016

Malta Yacht Charters is live!

Some of you may know that our sailing school website went live a few months ago. We’ve taken a bit more time with this one because we’ve been concentrating on prepping and priming for a year of awesome sailing. This year, apart from the usual day and week charters around the islands, we’re also planning three cabin charters to take you around Malta and up to various areas of Sicily.

So who are we?

Malta Yacht Charters was founded by Michael Gauci in 2008 with the aim of providing affordable, enjoyable charters for those looking to explore and enjoy Malta, Gozo and Sicily. He’s recently been joined by his daughter, Emma, who hopes to keep the company going in the right direction with a few touches of her own.

What do we provide?

Fun, sailing experience and the ability to charter a vessel without breaking the bank. We’re currently, and consistently the lowest priced peak season charter company on the Island! 

We’re waiting to hear from you!

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